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Raised Eyebrow Corporate pic

raised eyebrow has a range of services available for corporate organisations, as well as those in the voluntary sector. Many corporate events can be enhanced with a theatrical element - making the day more entertaining and ensuring that a message is delivered effectively and memorably. This has a range of applications;

  • Training
  • Team Building
  • Promoting company policies and objectives
  • Developing skills
  • Profile raising

In every case, raised eyebrow works closely with a client to create a bespoke package for a specific need.

raised eyebrow is also experienced in the use of roleplay techniques, recreating true-to-life workplace situations for training purposes. Company employees meet actors playing real people in situations that provoke discussion and create a memorable impact.


Most recently, raised eyebrow's services were employed at a conference of the Regional Forum of North Yorkshire and the Humberside. We provided a workshop for delegates on effective communication and presentation skills. We also created a short play about the pitfalls of working in the voluntary sector, which was a curtain-raiser to the afternoon programme.

"Thanks again - the feedback on the workshop and the performance was excellent"
Regional Forum of North Yorkshire and Humberside.

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