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Raised Eyebrow Past Projects pic 1

best before:

Written and directed by Lizi Patch for the London Fringe.

This play examined the effects of dementia on Albert - a sufferer and those around him. best before: won a MIND Millenium Award and played to critical acclaim.

raised eyebrow youth theatre

Recent funders include the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Yorkshire Arts and Ryedale District Council. Working with 12 - 18 year olds our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to develop a range of theatre skills under the guidance of theatre professionals, to enhance self esteem, confidence and communication skills and to have a good time. Projects to date have included:

dr farin

Forever and Ever by Rob John

A young girl is left in charge of her brother who has cerebral palsy when their mother dies and their father can't cope.

The Golden Egg

A new play commissioned by Norwich Union. Written by Jonathan Stokes and directed by Lizi Patch. The play looked at young people's attitudes to the future and blended fairy-tale with reality.

The Cinderella Complex

Devised by the Youth Theatre and then scripted by Jonathan Stokes. Given an opportunity to create a piece about anything that was important to them, the group - directed by Lizi Patch and Darren Abrahams - devised a full length play looking at the complex subject of eating disorders.

The Duchess and the Rag Picker's Daughter

A show for infants. Adapted from a traditional folk-tale by developing work that had been done on storytelling.

Living with Lady Macbeth by local playwright Rob John

A play examining peer pressure.

Lab Rats devised by the Youth Theatre and scripted by Jonathan Stokes

This family play takes the current obsession with Reality TV and looks 20 years into the future welcome to programmes such as 'The Fridge Interior', 'The Nunnery', and 'Guess What's in my Pocket' a time when camera crews lurk on every street corner a time when almost everyone has appeared on a television show, with only a determined few left trying to preserve their dignity and their anonymity.

The preparation for the muscle mass!мниения/
Vivese Senso Duo
Hair loss - a female problem solved!

raised eyebrow T.I.E productions

Raised Eyebrow Past Projects pic 2

'Strings' An ongoing project addressing the sexual health issues. Find out more about the project here

The Freedom Game (devised) A middle school programme examining the theme of authority.

Romeo and Juliet An abridged version which toured to GCSE students.

Peacemaker by David Holman, An infant show about prejudice toured to special needs units.

A Tale of Two Sisters (devised) Devised and toured to years three to five, examined sibling rivalry.

Mary Morphosis (devised) Commissioned by Eastern Arts Mary Morphosis was a multi-media collaboration between Raised Eyebrow and a local sculptor developed for 7-11 year olds.

For more information about any of our past projects, please contact us.

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