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'Strings' was developed in June 2000 when raised eyebrow Theatre Company was commissioned to create a Theatre in Health Education project, to be funded by North and South Derbyshire Health Authorities (now Derbyshire Primary Care Trusts).

Our brief was to develop and produce a thought provoking and inspiring play and workshop which addressed the key Sexual Health issues from the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum for Year 9 and 10 pupils.

A comprehensive Teachers Pack accompanies the production and INSET training is also provided.

The resulting project 'Strings' has been touring from October 2000 to the present day. 'Strings' is performed in all secondary schools, pupil referral units, secure units and special needs units in North and South Derbyshire. More recently, the show has toured to London, North Yorkshire and throughout Rotherham. The project is widely believed to be among the best of its kind and has been experienced by over 55,000 young people.

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'Strings' tackles sensitive issues in an effective and memorable way

  • The performance serves to create a forum through which the students express their ideas
  • The alternative reality of the play provides a basis for exploring issues around sexual health and relationships in a third-party context
  • Sympathetic characters and an absorbing story line offer a strong foundation for follow-up work and further discussion
  • The workshop encourages the audience to interact with the characters directly, developing confidence and communication skills
Raised Eyebrow Strings pic 2

'Strings' offers many lasting benefits to young people

  • An examination of strategies for building confidence and self-esteem
  • Information about the different types of contraception, safe sex and how they can access local sources of further advice and treatment
  • An exploration of the possible short and long-term consequences of unprotected sex
  • An understanding of the arguments for delaying sexual activity
  • Empowerment to make informed choices, and the confidence to stand by them

'Strings' is available to tour in your region. Please contact raised eyebrow for further information.

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