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A selection of our available workshops

Bringing Shakespeare to Life

This workshop is designed to free up conceptions of Shakespeare's work and how it may be interpreted. Participants engage in a particular scene and bring the language off the page into a world of the imagination.

Drama Games

This workshop allows participants to experience some of the exercises and games that carry a drama message. The emphasis is on fun, but valuable lessons are learnt as well. These activities are great for younger groups, but work equally well with all ages.
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Improvisation Techniques

A workshop that explores what makes improvisation work and what stops it working. Participants learn about concepts such as status, blocking and spontaneity through games and exercises. These sessions develop valuable skills for the budding performer.


We developed these sessions to explore the tradition of storytelling and participants are encouraged to bring their own stories to explore. Stories are also generated in the course of the workshop. The session looks at developing narrative skills and encourages participants in finding different ways to relate these stories to others.

Making a Play

This workshop can take two forms
  1. A practical session which looks at the basic techniques of creating a play and which can be used as an introduction to our other workshops.
  2. For longer sessions, such as summer/half term schools or drama clubs, this workshop combines many of the elements of our other workshops. It takes a group through the entire process of devising and performing a piece of theatre. The performance is the culmination of the sessions and an invited audience can attend.
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Physical Theatre

This workshop explores how we can use our whole body in the creation of a number of characters. Participants work through a range of physical drama games and also work with masks.

Something Else in Mind?

Raised Eyebrow's professional workshop leaders are able to tailor make workshops to your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

General Information

Guideline group number (subject to type of workshop and age group): max 30 Prices vary according to number of workshop leaders required. For longer sessions, such as full days or week long projects, special discounted rates will be offered. Contact us for information. All workshops are suitable for all age groups and needs and are tailored to the group that we are working with.

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