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Raised Eyebrow Youth Theatre pic

raised eyebrow Youth Theatre was formed with assistance from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The group began life during a summer school course run in the Ryedale area, but eventually evolved into regular weekly sessions run by Lizi Patch. The objectives of the Youth Theatre is to develop skills in drama, music and movement, giving young people greater confidence and encouraging an interest in the arts.

Most recently, raised eyebrow Youth Theatre presented a number of performances of Lab Rats at Pickering Memorial Hall. Based on ideas by members of the Youth Theatre, the bare bones of the show was devised during their weekly sessions, before being fleshed out into a full script by Jonathan Stokes.

The production focused on the world of reality television, and told the story of a small band of friends - the only people on Earth yet to become programme-fodder. Alongside, the play both asked and answered the question "What really happened that terrible night on 'Celebrity Island'?"

The performances were a great success and the young performers were the recipients of great praise from all who saw the show.

Until recently, the Youth Theatre met weekly at Appleton-Le-Moors, but plans are now underway to relocate the group to a venue in Malton. Funding is currently being sourced to facilitate this, and to ensure that the activities of the group will continue.

The Youth Theatre members are 12-18 years old and live in the Ryedale area. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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